Course Curriculum

In this Pre-Phase, you will get a New Artist Training Organizer that will assist you with structuring a training program that is right for you and your team.  The Organizer follows the content contained within LearnAveda and describes the educational resources included on the site, as well as the estimated time and number of models needed to complete each module.  It allows you to set a training schedule for each New Artist, track their progress and make notes along the way. 

There are 2 tabs in the excel version of the Training Organizer:  one tab contains the blank Organizer for your use and the second tab contains a completed example for your reference.

The Course Curriculum for this Pre-Phase is outlined below, but is not accessible from this page. Return to your My Courses page and select “Start Course” to download your New Artist Training Organizer.  

Course Overview

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    Getting Started - Training Organizers

    • New Artist - Training Organizer
    • Men's Barbering Training Organizer